4 put up with mummy crying

I have days, and today is one of them when I really miss all my friends and family in the UK, I think about what we used to do together, what we’ll do when we come back on leave and look at our pictures on the computer whilst simultaneously walking around the house with tears rolling down my face. I’m even missing work!  I’m generally horrible and short tempered with Matt and the kids for no apparent reason.

I am enjoying St Helena, who wouldn’t love the warm weather, day trips, swimming in the ocean, puppy walks, meeting new people. It’s just not quite the same that’s all. I knew it wouldn’t be and if it was it wouldn’t be an adventure, we have never spent this long away from our friends and family before and this is a new experience for us.

I miss being able to pop round to friends for a cuppa or wine, nights out with the girls, friends and family party nights, Sunday roast, weekends away in the sunshine walking!?!! 

I know the kids are missing their friends desperately too and it sometimes makes me feel guilty that we have taken them away from their school and friends.

I don’t think that my feeling will change but I hope in time I have friends here in St Helena I can just pop over to see for a chat with a bottle too.  We are after all only 6 weeks in and friendships take time to develop. What I fear, very selfishly is that for my friends in the UK, us not being around will become normal and things won’t be the same when we come back.

You might even forget about us! “Do you remember the Ansell’s? what ever happened to them?!”

On the positive side, we are moving into a lovely new house tomorrow and as the MV  Helena arrived yesterday we will have our car and all our stuff in a few days, Hooray!! (Yoghurt too hopefully, odd I know but I have been really missing that!) I think having our things around us will help, we will be able to put all our pictures up and hopefully our new house will feel more like home.  We will post some photos in the next few days.

This afternoon we are going on a boat trip to see dolphins, do some fishing and swimming, I think that might make me feel better!

We are sending you all hugs, (it’s about the only thing we can send that won’t take 9 months to get to you) and asking that you don’t forget the Ansell’s, of course who could forget Matt’s hockey prowess, my musical taste, Ruby’s dazzling smile, Archie’s wiggle and Isaac’s trampolining flips…..

Lots of love

Jo x

P.S Please don’t feel sorry for me, I love being with my family here, life is great, I am just missing you all that’s all! And Erica you read my mind!




3 thoughts on “4 put up with mummy crying

  1. Jo you and your family will never be forgotten. It is very very hard suddenly being away like that and so far away. You are totally right that you will feel better when you have your things around you, that will help a great deal. I think one of the amazing things about the adventure you are having is that it really really grounds you and makes you think actually what is important to me in my life and that will be a huge shift experiencing that. We all adore our families, more than anything in the world, but we don’t realise how important it is for our general day to day stability to be able to pop to a friend or pop to a favourite shop or see a family member impromptu BUT they are all missing you as much as you miss them and all that will happen is that all those bonds will strengthen and grow evolve and flourish even more, you are missed by your nearest and dearest every day and will never be forgotten. Everyone is there for you all and supporting you on this great adventure and they will all be there for you with an even stronger bond on return for leave and then on your return return. Tears are good cry when you need to cry it helps you enjoy all the fantastic bits more easily. Love to you all. Rosa will write to Isaac soon, we are just back from 12 days in Canada and now I am away on a curse so prob next week. Take care . Big hi to all of you and a furry pat to Cooper :)) Alison x


  2. Ah Jo, this read did bring a lump to my throat. We’ve only known you a short time and I can tell you now, from what I know you all, you will be on everyone’s mind, as you are ours. I’m sure you will slot back into life here in the UK as easily as if you never left. Lewis is always mentioning Isaac too and can’t wait to see him again. Take care and hope the move goes/went well. Big fat hugs, the Hyde’s. Xx


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